Hi! I'm Aurielle Martin.

I am a pediatric sleep consultant with 6 years experience in family medicine and maternal fetal medicine as a physician assistant (PA). I have a doctorate in medical science and conducted my doctoral research on alternative sleep training methods versus "cry it out."

I believe independent sleep is a beautiful and powerful gift you can give to your child, and they will carry this skill with them for years to come.

It is my mission to equip parents with the tools they need to empower their children to sleep independently using gentle sleep training methods that encourage trust-building while setting healthy boundaries.

Aurielle Martin, DMSc, MSPAS, PA-C

If your child struggles with...

  • Nightmares
  • Night terrors
  • Nighttime fears
  • Bedtimes that last forever
  • Middle of the night waking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Needing you in their room/bed to fall asleep
  • Sleeping in your bed with you

...you are not alone and I would love to support you to overcome these challenges!

Stop dreading bedtime.

This program is for parents & caregivers who want to empower their child to sleep independently through gentle sleep training that encourages trust-building, so they can stop dreading bedtime and begin focusing on what matters: building and maintaining healthy connections with their child.

A sleep evaluation is a 20-minute phone call with me (Aurielle).

Here's what to expect during the call:

  • You will explain your family's situation and sleep struggles.
  • We will discuss your goals for your child's sleep.
    Are these goals realistic? How long will it take to achieve them?
  • I'll tell you all about what it looks like to work with me and answer all of your questions about me, my philosophy, and the support I will provide!

I'm looking forward to meeting you!



Katie A.

"After 2 weeks, my little one is going down so easy and is sleeping through the night. I honestly cannot say enough about her genuine dedication and support to our family. I highly recommend Aurielle and only wish we had learned the tricks a little earlier."

Laraine K.

"Aurielle was very flexible with the suggestions she offered, and allowed us to choose what worked for us. She offered solutions that were feasible for my parenting approach, while still effective. She was readily available for questions, and provided daily check-ins and encouragement. We went from a little boy who needed to be nursed to sleep at night and for naps, to a little boy who readily goes down in his bed for bedtime and naps and puts himself to sleep. He now can easily be put down by mom, dad, or grandma!"

Katie B.

"Our daughter ended up sleeping through the night on day 1, and has been ever since, with the exception of recent illness. She has been able to put herself to sleep at nap times and bedtime, link sleep cycles, and go back to sleep on her own if she wakes up in the night. I haven’t had to nurse her in the night at all, and have felt better rested myself! My experience with Aurielle and her sleep consultation service was amazing, and it is evident how much she cares for her clients. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you have everything you need to feel equipped to handle sleep training, and is so sweet and understanding."

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On night one, our son slept through the night. Over the last three weeks since we started working with Aurielle, he has woke up during the night only a handful of times and has always put himself back to sleep. He is also finally taking wonderful naps in his crib. Aurielle offered several solutions we could try and helped us choose which one would be best for his needs as well as our personalities. Most importantly, Aurielle was there for US. I had read about similar solutions prior to consulting with her, but having her support was key. She was able to tell us what was/wasn't normal, any adjustments we needed to make, etc. Our only regret was not consulting with her sooner. Aurielle is kind, caring, and compassionate! I would recommend her to anyone.

Miranda C.

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