From past clients

Katie B.

"Everything about my interaction with Aurielle was professional, kind, and encouraging, and I would highly recommend her sleep consultation service to anyone in a similar situation. From the initial phone consultation to the two week support check-in, I felt as though I was being loved and cared for by someone who is extremely knowledgeable, capable and passionate about helping my daughter (and me!) sleep well. My husband and I are very gentle parents, so I was hesitant about a sleep consultation because I thought that the “cry it out” method would be the only suggested way to get my 15-month-old to sleep. However, Aurielle took our parenting style and desires into consideration when presenting sleep plans to us. She gave us multiple options, listened to our concerns, and knew what questions I would have even before I asked them. My heart was at ease and I was ready to initiate our sleep plan after a thorough document was presented to us and I had the opportunity to speak with Aurielle before choosing and initiating a plan. I was so thankful for Aurielle through the toughest part of sleep training (the first night), as she was there to offer support through the evening. Our daughter ended up sleeping through the night on day 1, and has been ever since, with the exception of recent illness. She has been able to put herself to sleep at nap times and bedtime, link sleep cycles, and go back to sleep on her own if she wakes up in the night. I haven’t had to nurse her in the night at all, and have felt better rested myself! My experience with Aurielle and her sleep consultation service was amazing, and it is evident how much she cares for her clients. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you have everything you need to feel equipped to handle sleep training, and is so sweet and understanding. I would 100% recommend this service/wonderful sleep consultant to anyone considering sleep training. She has given us the most priceless gift, and I could not be more thankful for her!"

Katie A.

"I highly recommend Pediatric Sleep Solutions by Aurielle! When we started working together, my family was navigating through the 12 month sleep regression. It took us approximately 1 hour to put my little one down at night and then he would wake up multiple times throughout the night. Aurielle stepped in and made a huge difference for our family. She gave us easy to follow steps with frequent encouragement. After 2 weeks, my little one is going down so easy and is sleeping through the night. I honestly cannot say enough about her genuine dedication and support to our family. I highly recommend Aurielle and only wish we had learned the tricks a little earlier."

Dustin B.

"Aurielle is sweet, compassionate, and caring. She combines her knowledge with her personal experiences when guiding families."

Laraine K.

"Aurielle was so wonderful to work with! We had tried a couple different techniques with my 20 month old son to sleep train him, but hadn’t had success. Part of my lack of success was held in my gentle parenting approach, and not being able to listen to my child cry for extended periods of time asking for his mama. It broke my heart. Aurielle was very flexible with the suggestions she offered, and allowed us to choose what worked for us. She offered solutions that were feasible for my parenting approach, while still effective. She was readily available for questions, and provided daily check-ins and encouragement. We went from a little boy who needed to be nursed to sleep at night and for naps, to a little boy who readily goes down in his bed for bedtime and naps and puts himself to sleep. He now can easily be put down by mom, dad, or grandma! Her constant encouragement was so helpful in moments of doubt. I am so grateful for all of her help and can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Miranda C.

On night one, our son slept through the night. Over the last three weeks since we started working with Aurielle, he has woke up during the night only a handful of times and has always put himself back to sleep. He is also finally taking wonderful naps in his crib. Aurielle offered several solutions we could try and helped us choose which one would be best for his needs as well as our personalities. Most importantly, Aurielle was there for US. I had read about similar solutions prior to consulting with her, but having her support was key. She was able to tell us what was/wasn't normal, any adjustments we needed to make, etc. Our only regret was not consulting with her sooner. Aurielle is kind, caring, and compassionate! I would recommend her to anyone.